Deposit money, send money. . . . . .the smart way

About Smart Deposit Scheme

Smart Deposit Scheme (SDS) is an electronic product designed to assist depositors lodge in or transfer physical money (cash) directly into their or third party bank accounts without visiting their banks. This is achieved by using our dedicated and secure PIN vouchers available through SDS agents nationwide. SDS is a product of Anyscope Limited.

How to Use the Service

Locate an SDS agent to buy your desired card denomination. Denominations are in N1,100, N2,100, N3,100, N5,100, N10,150 and N20,150. To recharge please dial: *347*444*PIN*Bank Account Number*Bank Code#, send.

Objectives of SDS

With SDS, you get the following benefits:

  • Avoid standing on the queue inside the banks
  • Get instant credit into the desired bank account.
  • Achieve savings of small amounts of money.
  • Do it yourself lodgement.
  • Convenience and ease of transaction guaranteed.
  • Anytime, anyday, anywhere transaction guaranteed.
  • Improve your productivity, do your work without bank delays
  • Guaranteed secured transaction


About Anyscope

Anyscope Limited is an IT company focused on designing and deploying solutions to make life better for individuals and organizations. Our solution and services are top-notch and secure, making you want to use them over and over again.

Mission Statement

To offer the most convenient, safe, fast, cost effective means of cash lodgement into Nigerian banks.

Vision Statement

To provide the best and most efficient means of bank cash lodgement.

Become an SDS Dealer today

How to be a dealer

Please contact the customer service by email:

Contact Us

You can also call us or message us on WhatsApp on 09016164444 and 09030008757


Frequently Asked Questions

Ask your SDS agents nationwide for SDS cards.
No. Just buy the voucher and follow the instruction on how to use the service.
No. It works with all types of phones provided the phone has a dial pad and can show messages.
Call/Whatsapp 09016164444 & 09030008757 or send an email to within 6 hours.
Contact/Whatsapp the customer service unit via 09016164444, 09030008757 or send an email to
Once their number(s) have been identified as trying to compromise or circumvent the SDS system.